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A Pre-pay Energy Solution

Make a Payment

What is PowerUP?

PowerUP is a pay as you go program and an alternative to traditional monthly billing that allows participants to determine how much and how often they pay.

How does the plan work?

Members pay for electric service in advance. As energy is consumed, the account balance is reduced until either the balance is zero or additional payments are made to the account. Participants are free to pay as much or as often as they wish, provided the account maintains a positive balance. ANY ACCOUNT WITH A NEGATIVE BALANCE IS SUBJECT TO IMMEDIATE INTERRUPTION.

How do I monitor my account?

Members may elect to be notified of low balances, daily balance, service interruption, and reconnection via phone and/or e-mail. Participants may check daily account balances or make payments by calling 888-800-0821 or visiting www.myusage.com. Members using PowerUP will not be mailed monthly statements or termination notices.


What does it cost?

An eligible new Member may request to participate in PowerUP by submitting the Cooperative application fee of $10, a Membership fee of $20, the pre-pay application form and the initial set up fee of $15 and at least a $25 minimum purchase. No additional security deposit will be required.

An existing Member, who is eligible for PowerUP, may request to participate in the program by submitting the pre-pay application form along with the $15 initial set up fee and a $25 minimum purchase.

If the Member has a delinquent account balance, any security deposit being held by the Cooperative will be applied to the balance, any remaining delinquent balance would need to be paid immediately when applying for PowerUP. After that, any remaining current balance would be paid by applying 50% of each payment made by the Member to the outstanding balance until it is paid in full.

Members participating in the pre-pay program will not be assessed a reconnection fee when service is stopped due to lack of pre-payment and then reinstated after payment is made. This includes Members with regular service who are disconnected for lack of payment and sign up for PowerUP. They will, however, still have to pay the disconnect fee before service is restored. If PowerUP service is interrupted, Members must pay any outstanding balance plus a $10 pre-pay energy purchase for service to be restored.

Service will not be interrupted between 5 p.m. and 9 a.m. on Monday through Thursday or from 5 p.m. on Friday until 9 a.m. on Monday morning or on a cooperative observed holiday. Members will have until 9 a.m. the following business day to make a payment.

A monthly pre-pay fee of $6 will be added to all participating accounts, which will show up as a 20 cents per day charge.