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New Program Guidelines and Recommendations

Farmers Electric Cooperative has implemented new guidelines and payment options for our PowerUP members to better manage their accounts.

Managing Your Account

You can manage your PowerUP account online or if you do not have internet access you may call 888-800-0821 or
903-455-1715 and speak to a customer service representative. This will allow you to check PowerUP information such as:

  • Your Balance
  • Recent payments
  • Your last 5 days usage

You can use our phone system and our website to make payments using Visa or Mastercard.


You may now choose to have the following alerts sent to you by phone, text or email:

  • Low balances
  • Pending disconnect

You may also chose to use email alerts to gather the following information:

  • Daily balance
  • Service interruption
  • Reconnection
  • Balance Recharge

Good Idea

Farmers EC recommends any alert settings be scheduled for after 12 p.m. (noon) to receive the most current daily information. We also suggest you set your low balance alert based on an average of three to four days usage. For example, if your average daily energy charge is $4.52, add your daily fees of 70 cents, plus security light and taxes, if applicable, to get your average day’s usage.


Your current reading is sent from your location at midnight every night and the information arrives at our billing center two days later. Your daily pre-purchase balance will be reduced based on the most recent valid reading or estimated kWh consumption.

There are three scenarios you need to be aware of that could affect your PowerUP balance.

  1. If your daily calculation was based on estimated kWh instead of an actual reading, your account will be increased or decreased based on the next valid reading.
  2. If a meter is exchanged at your service location, the account will be brought up to date using the reading when the meter is removed.
  3. Once a month, your account will have a regular billing that will bring the MyUsage.com current balance up to date to the billing system. This will include any change in our rates and could result in a credit or debit adjustment.

The PowerUP program is a new service that can be beneficial for many Farmers Electric Cooperative members. The program can help you pay close attention to your consumption of electricity and in the long run it can really save you money. If you have any questions give the cooperative a call at 903-455-1715.