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New Construction Residential

  1. In order to provide service for your construction project, please complete and bring in application for new service..

  2. Once we receive your application, one of our stakers will contact you to set up an appointment at the construction site. During this meeting the staker will provide you with a Field Engineering Report. This report will list the pre-construction requirements you will need to complete before Farmers EC can provide you with service. Note: In the upper left corner of the report, you will see a Work Order Number, make sure you have this number on hand whenever you call the cooperative regarding the project.

  3. After the meeting with the staker, the Member will receive an invoice for the Aid-To-Contruction fees. The member can choose to have the invoice mailed, faxed or emailed. The invoice can be paid with cash, check, and credit card either in person or faxed. Note: If paying by fax credit card, please provide a copy of the front and back of your valid driver’s license along with the credit card information. A credit card payment form is provided on the reverse side side of your Aid-to-Construction Statement.

  4. After all of the pre-construction requirements have been met and the fees have been paid, the work order is released for construction. Normally lead times during these periods range from 10 to 14 business days from the date your work order is released to construction scheduling.

  5. Conditions which may delay construction scheduling, include:
    1. Weather
    2. Ground conditions after receiving substantial rainfall/melted ice
    3. Peak construction season