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Street/Area Lights - Start/Stop Light Service

Farmers Electric offers outdoor lighting for residences, streets and commercial and industrial facilities. Farmers Electric owns, maintains and provides power to these dusk-to-dawn lights for a single monthly charge.

Sample monthly rates:

100-watt high-pressure sodium
250-watt high-pressure sodium
400-watt high-pressure sodium/metal halide
Existing Pole
$ 9.60


If the co-op and member agree on the installation of a light on an already existing pole with a transformer or secondary service, the rate above applies. If one or more additional poles must be set to place the light in the desired location there will be additional charges.

How do I sign up for service?

If you are already a member of Farmers EC, call us at (903)455-1715 to set up your area light. If you are not a member, just fill out this application for new service.