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Community Involvement

Farmers Electric Cooperative stays involved with the communities in our territory through various events and sponsorships. If you are sponsoring an event, and would like to have it considered for sponsorship from Farmers Electric, please send us a letter outlining the event.

  • Include information the following information if applicable:
    • Event Title
    • Location
    • Date
    • Organization and purpose
    • Number of people expected to attend
    • Other details
    • When possible, please use the sponsoring organizations' letterhead for the request.
  • Provide us with sponsorship levels, and tell us how Farmers Electric Cooperative’s name and/or logo will be used during this event. If the sponsorship includes an ad or banner, please include information necessary to meet these requirements.
  • Be certain to include a contact name, email and phone number, and a mailing address for the check.
  • If Farmers Electric has sponsored the event in the past, please include the dates and amount of the previous sponsorship.

You can  fax the request to: 903-453-0695

Checks can take weeks after the request has been approved, so please plan accordingly and send sponsorship requests as early as possible. Please note that Farmers Electric does not provide any "individual" sponsorship, such as trip payments for student programs, or sponsorships for beauty pageants.