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Community Involvement – Charitable Foundation – Operation Round Up

Since 1937, when residents of Northeast Texas banded together to form Farmers Electric Cooperative, members have consistently demonstrated a desire and commitment to improve the quality of life in their communities. 

While Farmers Electric has expanded over the years, our members have retained the same desire to help those in need. Since May 2007 Farmers Electric members have had the opportunity to help their communities by participating in Operation Roundup. 

What is Operation Roundup?
It is a program that gives members the option to have their monthly bill rounded up to the next highest dollar. For example, if your bill is $67.45, it would be rounded up to $68.00, with the additional 55 pennies going to Operation Roundup. The money raised will be used to directly support social, charitable and civic programs in our community. Your pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters collectively can add up to be used to:

- Support local emergency service providers
- Nurture a healthy, independent lifestyle for the elderly
- Provide supervised and safe activities for our children
- Give a helping hand to our neighbors who are less fortunate

Operation Round-UpYour monthly donation could range from one penny to ninety-nine pennies, but nationally, the rounding-up feature averages out to about fifty pennies a month - just $6 a year. This is only small change for most of us, but imagine the power when your contribution is combined with those of your fellow cooperative members. 

Keep checking the website! As the program moves forward, we will keep you informed as to some of the ways your valued contributions are being put to good use in the local community.

Operation Round Up Recipients