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Energy Saving TipsEnergy Tool Kit

Energy Saving Tips

Farmers Electric Cooperative, your Touchstone Energy Cooperative, has compiled this list of low-cost/no cost energy-saving measures to help you better manage your home's energy costs. 

Other Resources for Energy Saving Tips:

U.S. Department of Energy - Energy Savers

Federal Trade Commission's Room by Room Saving Site


Commercial Energy Savings Guide

Commercial Energy Savings Guide


Farmers EC knows energy costs are a major concern for the businesses we serve as well as our residential members. Businesses can download this Commercial Energy Savings Guide and learn ways to manage their energy use. Tips include advice on monitoring HVAC systems, efficient water heating and ensuring proper ventilation at facilities.

 Commercial Energy Savings Guide


Home Energy Savings Guide

  Home Energy Savings Guide

Farmers EC works hard to hold down energy prices. You, too, can play an important role by by evaluating  your home and taking simple steps to trim unnecessary energy use.

Get a clear picture of which parts of your home use the most energy.  Farmers EC is here to help.

 Home Enegy Savings Guide



CFL Calculator

For years you have heard all the benefits of switching to CFLs, such as they use less energy
and they put off less heat; now you can find out just much money you would save by switching
from incandescent bulbs to CFLs.Enter the number of  light bulbs in your home, clidk "calculalte" and within
seconds, bags of gold will epar, representing the amount of money you can
save by switching from standard incandescent light bulbs (CFLs).




Together We Save

Together We Save

Touchstone Energy’s “Together We Save” campaign illustrates numerous ways you can reduce their energy bills by implementing a variety of changes around your home and business. Whether its unplugging unused appliances or adding an extra layer of insulation in the attic, Farmers EC’s goal is to show how simple these energy-saving techniques are, so that you will go from just thinking about changing some of your habits to actually taking action.


Together We Save allows you to investigate energy savings concepts by watching energy efficiency-themed videos, using the interactive applications. You can also take the Virtual Home Tour and discover how much you will save by making a few minor changes like closing your blinds, switching your light bulbs to CFL’s or changing your air filter.


It's time to do something, anything. Press a button. Flip a switch. It doesn't take much to make a difference.

Control what you can control. Take matters into your own hands. Just watch what happens to your energy
bill when you do.


 Together We Save